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Teagasc to host pest control webinar next week

Learn about pest control and managing insecticide resistance at the online event



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25 March 2021

Registration for Teagasc’s webinar on pest control is now open.

Taking place 30 March at 11 am, the online event is titled ‘Integrated Pest Management- traps and pheromones for thrips and pest control’.

Dr Clare Sampson, technical director with Russel IPM, will discuss control of pests in strawberry and protected ornamental crops, using the strategies of monitoring; mass trapping; lure and kill; and mating disruption.

Russell IPM designs and manufactures pest control traps and pheromones. Dr Sampson has extensive technical expertise and experience working on the integrated control of a wide range of glasshouse pests.

The webinar will be recorded and posted on the Teagasc YouTube channel. IASIS points will be available for participants joining in live.

To register for the event, visit:

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