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Novelty plant and innovation winners from IPM Essen

(L-R): Anna Iversen, Jürgen Mertz, Oliver P. Kuhrt, Christina Schulze Föcking, Dr. Maria Flachsbarth, Thomas Kufen, Lisa Bartels, Princess Benedikte to Denmark; Eva Kähler-Theuerkauf, Helmuth Prinz, Frank Lock, Torben Iversen. Essen Germany. Photo: Rainer Schimm. ©MESSE ESSEN GmbH

Around 1,600 exhibitors from almost 50 nations present their innovative products and services along the entire value-added chain of plant production to trade visitors from all over the world: from plants to technology and floristry to the equipment for the point-of-sale.



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29 January 2018

The 36th International Plant Show IPM ESSEN at the Messe Essen started this year with an appearance from Her Royal Highness Princess Benedikte of Denmark, as Denmark was 2018’s partner country.

The guests of honour also included numerous representatives from the leading professional associations as well as politicians such as the State Secretary Dr Maria Flachsbarth and the Minister for Agriculture of North Rhine-Westphalia Christina Schulze Föcking.

And so, on the first day of the world’s leading trade fair for horticulture, the winners of the Novelties Show and the INDEGA IPM Innovation Award were announced.

The IPM ESSEN hosted international guests from the world of horticulture until Friday. About 1,600 exhibitors from nearly 50 countries put their innovations spanning the entire value chain of horticulture on display: ranging from plants and technological solutions to floristry and equipment.

Princess Benedikte of Denmark rounded off her welcoming speech to the guests of the opening event with the message: “Let flowers speak”. The sister of Queen Margrethe II of Denmark followed up on this with the reveal of the new Danish rose breed “Ocean of Roses”.

This new breed is the result of a close cooperation between Queen Genetics, which is one of the most renowned rose breeders in Denmark, and the nursery Thoruplund, which has more than 70 years of experience in breeding various potted plants. The special feature here is that the rose is highly ethylene resistant and can be grown worldwide regardless of the climatic environment.

As part of the opening event, a moderated discussion on the future of the horticultural sector was held with contributions from Christina Schulze Föcking, Minister for Agriculture of North Rhine-Westphalia; Jürgen Mertz, president of the Central Horticultural Association; Eva Kähler-Theuerkauf, chairwoman of the Technical Advisory Board of IPM ESSEN and president of the Association of Horticulture of North Rhine-Westphalia; as well as Frank Lock, president of INDEGA. Key topics were digitalisation in horticulture, the promotion of biological variety and the improvement of the appreciation of horticulture.

Novelties Show: 62 novelties competed

Plant novelties received awards for the 11th time at the IPM ESSEN. A total of 62 breeds, submitted across eight categories by 33 exhibitors, were in the running for the award “IPM Novelty 2018”.

After the expert body had inspected the candidates the previous evening, the novelties were awarded in six of the eight categories. One novelty even received a special award from the jury. The categories and awards are as follows:

Bedding and Balcony Plant – Salvia x hybrida, ‘Mysty’, submitted by Florensis from Weeze.

Blooming Houseplant “IPM Novelty 2018” – Kalanchoe Interspecific Hybride Queen ElseFlowers, ‘Dean’, submitted by Knud Jepsen from Denmark.

Cut Flowers – Kalanchoe Interspecific Hybrid Queen CutFlowers, ‘Smiling Yellow Meadow’, submitted by Knud Jepsen from Denmark.

The winners of the new plant novelties award. IPM ESSEN 2018. Photo: Rainer Schimm. ©MESSE ESSEN GmbH

The winners of the new plant novelties award. IPM ESSEN 2018. Photo: Rainer Schimm. ©MESSE ESSEN GmbH

Shrubs – Ilex x meserveae, ‘Monnieves’, submitted by the company Helmers from Westerstede.

Perennials – Bergenia cordifolia Hybride ‘Schneekristall’ submitted by the company Kientzler from Gensingen.

First Spring Flowers” – Pericallis x Hybride Senetti submitted by the company MNP Flowers from the Netherlands.

The Hydrangea macorphylla ‘Saxtabbar’ submitted by Hydrangea Breeders Association from the Netherlands was awarded a special prize this year for product innovations.

INDEGA IPM Innovation Award: Stacking hull for CC cart wins

“Small hull, but great effect.2 This is an appropriate summary by the jury for the INDEGA IPM Innovation Award 2018 regarding the stacking hull for CC carts by Uwe Dominik.

Presentation of the INDEGA-IPM Innovation Award 2018. Frank Lock (left), President of the German Horticultural Association e.V., presented the INDEGA-IPM Innovation Award 2018 to Uwe Dominik. Essen Germany. Photo: Rainer Schimm. ©MESSE ESSEN GmbH

Presentation of the INDEGA-IPM Innovation Award 2018 from Frank Lock (left), President of the German Horticultural Association e.V., to Uwe Dominik (right). Essen Germany. Photo: Rainer Schimm. ©MESSE ESSEN GmbH.

The hull, for which a patent has to be submitted, securely connects stacked CC carts together, thereby preventing them from falling. The small hull helps avoid a drastic increase in transport costs for the horticultural sector, as the transport for stacked CC carts in trucks may otherwise have been prohibited.

Four identical hulls, each for one strut, ensure that everything is securely fixed. The jury deemed it “a smart idea and thus truly deserving of this award.”

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