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Peter Donegan returns to Melbourne International Flower and Garden show 2024

Peter Donegan Garden Design

After taking home gold in 2023, Peter is back with a featured show garden called ‘A Moment in Time’



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20 February 2024

Peter Donegan will be returning to Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show 2024 (MIFGS) to design his second show garden, after winning Gold in April 2023.

The Irish garden designer will again team up with Melbourne based landscape contractor, Semken Landscaping. 

The Southern Hemispheres largest flower show is hosted at the UNESCO, world heritage Royal Exhibition Building Carlton Garden and opens 20-24 March 2024.

The featured show garden, A Moment in Time is presented by Daisy’s Garden Supplies and is the story of a veteran Air Force pilot who returns to a place he hoped to be able to recall home and remains as if he had never left. 


The garden features a fragmented path winding to an aged, grassed roof wood cabin and a Piper PA-28 Cherokee plane. Set in South-Eastern Australia in the early 1980’s, the garden intends to highlight the difficulties some veterans may face when returning to their former lives or when trying to create a new path post service in the Air Force.

Peter Donegan of Peter Donegan Garden Design, said: “To design the largest show garden in Melbourne last year based on an Irish love story and win Gold medal and be invited to return and be allowed to give a story back to the people of Australia, really is something completely humbling.

“It can be a tricky realisation for a guy who used to grow plants under bed in Dublin, educated in Kildalton College at times to grasp. Gold medal in mind, of course I know I‘m good enough to design there, but maybe being reared with parents who instilled an Irishness and a DNA that keeps one grounded allows you seem particularly calm and at all times very very, proud of those who stand tall with you on that next garden, medal and the journey to the highest podium again.”

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