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Prepare your lawn for summer with Mo Bacter

With the summer months fast approaching; we all want to make sure our lawns are lush and healthy, that's where Mo Bacter comes in



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15 March 2017

We are now mid-way through March and the weather is starting to improve. At the beginning of spring we are all anxious to get started preparing our gardens for the upcoming refreshing spring months and what will hopefully be a warm summer.

When it comes to getting your garden ready, one section in particular goes a long way in ensuring a healthy and well catered for garden – your lawn. Start your spring preparation by raking away any dead remaining leaves, twigs, and any other unwanted growth. Raking away this unwanted foliage will bring fresh air and light to the soil, encouraging the grass to grow.

If you have children or grandchildren and your garden is their playground or whether you tend to setup your BBQ in a certain spot on your lawn, your lawn can often be left with bare spots. Rake these spots firmly and sprinkle a mixture of soil and grass seed over the areas.

Coming into the summer we all want to start hosting parties, family BBQs and children will want to play outside; whatever the demands are for your lawn we all need healthy grass plants to give us green comfort under foot and the secret to healthy grass leaves lies in the grass roots.

Healthy grass roots produce denser leaves with a deeper green colour and harder wearing characteristics. That’s where MO Bacter comes in. The combination of organic compounds and just the right ‘N.P.K.’ produces strong rooting and destroys moss by secondary action. It contains a special naturally occurring bacteria, which eats the dead moss so you do not have to rake out. It is also child and pet friendly.

Mo Bacter is often a best-selling product with retailers and retails from €30 to €35 for a 20kg bag.

Image credit: Zé Zorzan

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