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Glanbia announce support package

The placement of 8.7 million shares will raise approximately €155m. Photo: Courtesy of Glanbia

Multiple loyalty bonuses are on offer for Glanbia active members following their recent Patronage Support Package release



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15 March 2017

The Board of Glanbia Co-operative Society Limited has confirmed that they will be providing a loyalty bonus of €7 per tonne on all 2017 feed and fertilizer purchased from Glanbia.

According to the 2017 Agri – Inputs and Grain Patronage Support Package, as per 2016, Glanbia will be providing the €7 bonus as well as a loyalty bonus of at least €5 per tonne on all green grain and €2 per tonne on all dried grain supplied to Glanbia by Members.

The support is subject to a minimum spend of €40 per tonne on qualifying inputs.

“A key pillar of our strategy in Glanbia Co-op is to support active Members. At this busy time on farms we are pleased to be in a position to confirm a Patronage Support Package related to the purchase of agri – inputs and the supply of grain in 2017”. said Henry Corbally, the chairman of Glanbia Co-op Society.

Glanbia Co-op currently has 14,773 members and is valued at €2bn. The Co-op is the largest individual shareholder in Glanbia plc with 36.5% of the issued share capital.

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