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Rose crowned Ireland’s favourite flower

The Irish Garden Survey saw 24% of respondents choose the rose as their favourite flower. Photo: Cindy Gustafson.

The Irish Garden Survey not only revealed the rose as Ireland's favourite flower; it also provided key insights for the trade into consumers' sentiment, areas of planned expenditure, and levels of increased expenditure for 2019.



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8 May 2019

A survey conducted by The Irish Garden Magazine of its readers in February 2019, in partnership with Mr Middleton Garden Shop, saw the rose take top spot with 24% of voters choosing it as their favourite flower. 77% of respondents also said “beautiful colours and flowers” are their favourite things about their garden.

When asked about their spending intentions for their garden in 2019, 62% of the survey’s 1,061 respondents said they intend to spend more on their garden in 2019 compared to 2018, with only 4% of respondents saying they plan on spending less.

When asked about their garden expenditure in 2018, approximately one-in-three of the survey’s 1,061 respondents spent between €200-500; 13% spent between €500-1,000; and 8% spent more than €1,000.

When asked about how much they plan on increasing their garden expenditure by in 2019, 72% of 1,053 respondents said they plan to spend up to 10% more on their garden compared with 2018. The remaining 28% said they plan on increasing their expenditure by 10% or more, with 12% of these saying they plan on increasing their expenditure by over 20%.

When it comes to which part of their garden the respondents plan to spend more money on, plants lead the group with 82%, next was lawn care with 31%, then shed and fencing with 21%, garden furniture with 19%, driveway and paving with 19%, greenhouses with 15%, mowers and machinery with 9%, garden pond with 8%, barbecues with 6%, and play furniture with 3%.

The Irish Garden Magazine is Ireland’s best-selling gardening magazine, published by the organisers of the Garden Landscape and Amenity Sportsturf (GLAS) trade show – the annual trade event for the sector.

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