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Seed Technology and Sandro Cafolla announce strategic cooperation

Sandro Cafolla, proprietor, Design by Nature, and Tim O’Donovan, technical director, Seedtech.

Collaboration will focus on developing modern native wildflower seed production methods



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8 April 2021

Seed Technology and Design by Nature’s Sandro Cafolla have announced a strategic cooperation on the research and development of native wildflower seed production in Ireland, in a bid to meet the expanding market for Irish produced seed.

The collaboration brings together Sandro Cafolla’s long experience in native wildflower seed and the modern seed production and seed processing capabilities of Seed Technology.

Following the successful establishment of production trials at Seedtech’s research farm at Faithlegg, Co. Waterford, in autumn 2020, the programme has been further expanded this spring. The demand for native wildflower seed continues to grow and outstrip demand.

It is hoped that the cooperation between the two industry leaders will develop modern production methods to facilitate a significant upscaling of quality Irish wildflower seed production.

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