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Spain named EU’s largest cucumber producer

Figures recently released have named Spain as the largest producer of cucumbers in the EU followed in second place by Poland



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9 November 2015

In 2014, the EU’s total cucumber production amounted to 2.781 million tonnes. The largest producer is Spain, whose production last year amounted to 754.4 thousand tonnes (about 29% of the EU total).

In second place followed Poland, with a production estimated at about 514 thousand tonnes. Further down the ranking we find the Netherlands (400 thousand tonnes), Germany (223 thousand tonnes) and Romania (slightly below 147 thousand tonnes).

Hortidaily reports that  Maciej Mularski, president of the Association of Greenhouse Tomato and Cucumber Producers said “It is worth noting that in 2014 more than 261,000 tonnes of cucumbers were grown under cover. From year to year, we observe improvements in the productivity of vegetable crops in our country.” Mularski added “For comparison, in 2013 the yield of cucumber crops under cover amounted to 238,400 tonnes,”

Adverse price trends were also reported to have been observed in the latest research. It is reported that in June this year, the price of greenhouse cucumbers decreased by 27% compared to the same period last year This was due to the decline in exports, mainly as a result of the Russian embargo, and increased production volumes in Western European countries, mainly Spain and the Benelux.

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