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Sportsturf professionals sought for new artificial hockey pitch

Public sector procurement opportunities provide lucrative contracts to a wider net of potential suppliers to the Irish Public Sector.

Cannon Hayes Community Recreation Centre seek professional sportsturf providers for the removal of an old artificial pitch carpet and the fitting  of a new 3G artificial surface and associated works.


Sports & Parks

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21 June 2018

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The Main Project

There is currently an artificial hockey pitch in situ which is not suitable for purpose and also has a lot of wear and tear. All of the sub-surface build up is in place and in good condition, including the drainage system, washed stone fill, pea gravel, porous tarmac layer, and shock pad layer.

The project consists of the removal and disposal of the existing grass carpet, wash the shock pad, repair the shock pad if damaged in any way during old carpet removal and refit new 3G carpet to the specification outlined.

Other Works

Weld Mesh Fence: It is proposed to install a 1.23 meter high weld mesh fence inside the existing palisade fence for safety of the pitch users. This fence all round is 316 meters of Weld Mesh Post and Rail Fence.

Plinth Remedial Works: There is a protruding plinth on the inside of the existing palisade fence which needs to be removed for safety reasons. Just inside this protruding plinth there is a finished plinth flush with the artificial grass pitch which is fine. It involves removing a cavity block on top and then a 6” block on flat straight under and making good to flush with internal plinth.

Type of Contract: Works.

Contracting authority: Cannon Hayes Community Recreation Centre Ltd, Cashel Road, Co Tipperary, Tipperary Town, Ireland. Contact: John Ryan.

Response deadline: 06-07-2018 17:00 (Irish time).

Currency: EUR.

Main CPV code: n92000000-1 Recreational, cultural and sporting services.

CPV codes: 92600000-7 Sporting services; 92610000-0 Sports facilities operation services.

If you wish to apply for this tender then click here.

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