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Study finds plants can positively influence emotional well-being

Survey participants spent more time taking care of their plants during lockdown



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1 July 2021

A recent study, which aimed to discover how plants affected the well-being of citizens during lockdown, found that plants can aid an individual’s well-being.

Of the survey’s 4,200 participants, 74% said the presence of plants in the home positively influenced their emotional well-being.

More than half of the survey’s participants said they would have preferred to have more plants in their home during lockdown. Another 52% said they devoted more to taking care of their plants when they were confined at home.

It also found that 40% of those surveyed thought about increasing the number of plants in their home when lockdown ends.

Developed by the Urban Nature and Biosystems Engineering Research Group of the University of Seville together with researchers from Greece, Brazil and Italy. The surveys were conducted from 25 April to 4 May 2020. Citizens from 46 countries participated.

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