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Teagasc hold TRY Horticulture event ahead of Spring Careers Day

Attendees were able to walk through the upper gantry in the great palm house during the TRY Horticulture event. Photo: John Mulhern.

The aim of the TRY Horticulture event was to introduce applicants directly to the practical nature of the science of horticulture as experienced day-to-day by the Teagasc College of Horticulture's own full and part-time students in the college.



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27 February 2020

On Saturday morning, February 22, Teagasc held their TRY Horticulture event in the Teagasc College of Amenity Horticulture, National Botanic Gardens.

The aim of the event was to introduce applicants directly to the practical nature of the science of horticulture as experienced day-to-day by Teagasc’s own full and part-time students in the college.

Participants were first exposed to the wonderful plant collection that is in the curvilinear range of glasshouses. Plants of economic importance like coffee, tea, and olives were observed along with the vast array of cacti.

The group then proceeded on a walk through the upper gantry in the great palm house. This allowed the participants to walk among the aerial parts of the “rain forest” and observe palm trees and banana plants at a point that is rarely seen by many people.

Next up was a walk through the family beds in the open grounds and up to the nursery area where the participants got involved in some nursery work.

The nursery work involved potting on some seedling oaks into larger pots and attaching a cane and fasteners to the plant. The group were exposed to an array of power tools that are used by students including battery-operated blowers, strimmers, and hedge cutters, as well as the college’s Kubota RTV.

The morning was finished off with a series of videos on different students profiled in the college and different enterprises that are operated in Teagasc, Ashtown, where more of Teagasc’s practical horticulture is carried out.

The TRY Horticulture event was a success and attendees had an excellent practical exposure to the world of horticulture in the Teagasc College of Amenity Horticulture in the National Botanic Gardens.

The College will be hosting future events similar to this one and those interested in registering can email John Mulhern, college principal at the Teagasc College of Horticulture, National Botanic Gardens, Dublin 9.

Spring Careers Day

The Teagasc College of Amenity Horticulture will hold its Spring Careers Day on Thursday, March 12, from 12 to 3pm, in the gallery room and auditorium building of the National Botanic Gardens, Glasnevin, Dublin 9.

The event is a platform to inform interested students about the courses that are on offer in the college and to also showcase the careers available within the horticultural industry.

The careers day hopes to achieve this by inviting select companies to set up a stand at the event and meet the students face-to-face.

Enabling the students to network with leading companies within the horticulture industry provides them with an invaluable opportunity to meet a potential future employer and to learn about that business.

For the companies showcasing on the day, it provides them with the ability to meet the next generation of talent coming out of the College of Amenity Horticulture first-hand.

Short industry talks will also be held to inform the attendees about the different areas of horticulture and what skill sets are needed to succeed in them.

As with previous years, the event itself is organised by Level 6 students enrolled in the college. These students have formed a committee and will be running the programme for the day.

Interested parties are encouraged to contact the college by email to

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