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The takeaway trends for retailers from Christmasworld 2019

When it comes to materials, it is the sustainable ones that are in vogue. Photo: Messe Frankfurt Exhibition GmBH / Pietro Sutera.

Christmasworld aims to give international retailers numerous suggestions and impulses for a successful business season in 2019/20.



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12 February 2019

Sustainability, naturalness, reductionist aesthetic and a hint of exclusivity – those are the trends displayed at Christmasworld 2019.

The Christmas and seasonal decorations come in a huge gamut of forms with painstakingly hand-crafted products: Christmas baubles are decorated with real gold, pendants artistically adorned with pearls, sequins and feathers.

Then there are culinary motifs such as cupcakes and tartlets. Dominant colours here are warm ones, which win out in terms of depth: blue is a determinant in a huge range of the most diverse shades; and there is also a range of earthy tones such as matcha green, as well as powder pink, and berry tones combined with gold.

When it comes to materials, it is the sustainable ones that are in vogue. Alongside wood, a central role is played by cotton, glass, and ceramics, together with flowers and recycled plastic.

Real greenery, in the form of easy-to-care-for and ready-to-go pot plants and orchids, packaged in traditional wrappers and pots made from natural materials, are all set to ensure additional sales potential in the retail trade.

Seasonal culinary treats and drinks, including imaginative variations on classic tea varieties and traditionally made sweets in brightly coloured packaging, with affectionate messages, are increasingly proving to be a draw among the “Christmas Delights” at the heart of Christmasworld.

Innovative lighting and design ideas also help create the emotional shopping experiences, which make for greater footfall in retailers’ shops and town centres.

Next year, the consumer-goods fairs will once again be held around the last Saturday of January — January 24-28, 2020.

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