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Westland Horticulture records profits of £5.5 million (€7.4 million)

Westland Horticulture has recorded profits of £5.5 million (€7.4 million) for 2014

According to recent accounts Westland Horticulture recorded sales of £106.4 million (€144.7 million) in 2014



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18 October 2015

Westland Horticulture, based in Co Tyrone, had sales of £106.4 million (€144.7 million) during 2014, according to its latest accounts which were published at the start of October.

According to the accounts the company had pre-ta profits of £5.5 million (€7.4 million) which is reported as decline of over £1 million from 2013. The company has expanded in the past year recording an increase in employee numbers raising to 475 in 2014.

Westland has said it believes there there room for more growth as new lines are introduced to its ranges, including new fertilizers. The business focuses on processing and distributing products for gardening and horticulture, as well as selling seed and similar products.

According to the Belfast Telegraph “The directors are satisfied with the results, given the continued economic climate. The directors have plans to ensure the group is strongly placed to retain its market position and continued profitability,”

Westland Horticulture, based in Northern Ireland, confirmed in July that it acquired William Sinclair Horticulture in the UK . Westland Horticulture’s latest acquisition was supported by a multi-million pound loan facility from Danske Bank. The move immediately took William Sinclair Horticulture out of administrations.

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