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Westland invests in SafeLawn TV campaign

Westland's SafeLawn man will be a prominent figure in the TV advertisements. Photo: Westland.

Westland is hoping to drive consumer demand in lawncare products throughout the second-half of April up to the end of May by investing €1.74m in a TV advertisement campaign.



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10 April 2019

Garden centre retailers should prepare as Westland’s Lawnman will be returning to TV for the third year running, as part of an extensive campaign to promote SafeLawn and drive the lawncare sector.

Since its launch two years ago, SafeLawn has become a firmly established product in the lawncare sector, with retailers benefiting from its results and growth – something which is anticipated to continue this year following the TV advertising campaign.

The SafeLawn adverts are part of a €1.74m (£1.5m) campaign that will air on TV, including on-demand services. They will run from April 17 through to May 27, to make ensure that custom opportunities from Easter and the May bank holiday, as well as the Spring bank holiday for the UK, are maximised for retailers.

SafeLawn is a unique, organic fertiliser made from natural ingredients, so parents and pet owners’ minds can be put at rest knowing that it is safe to use around children and pets. Its formula guarantees a green, lush, and thick lawn, with healthy grass from root to tip.

“SafeLawn has been incredibly successful since its launch and we are expecting this to continue this year, particularly following last year’s drought and damaged lawns across the country. Westland is dedicated to driving the lawncare sector and committed to supporting retailers by increasing demand. This is why we have invested in this advertising campaign, to cover such a key sales period.”, said Marloes Rots, brand manager for Westland Horticulture.

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