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Westland to remove Green Waste from Sinclair products

Following extensive reviews Westland horticulture will be removing green waste from Sinclair products

Westland has announced that it will be removing green waste from all its existing Sinclair products for the 2016 season



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18 September 2015

Following a detailed review of raw material, quality and performance, Westland will be removing green waste from all its existing Sinclair products for the 2016 season.

Keith Nicholson, Marketing Director, said: “Westland will not allow green waste into the hands of our gardeners. We believe green waste is simply not up to the standard or consistency required by all and is not delivering the results our consumers deserve.

“Significant investment in research and development is needed by the industry as a whole to make green waste a material which will provide the results Westland demands. As the Compost Consistency Assurance is at the heart of our growing media strategy it is important this standard of quality is not compromised at any stage.”

The New Horizon range will not include green waste moving forward and will focus on a blend of peat alternative ingredients, plus the patented West+ compost additive. New Horizon will be a key part of the Westland growing media offer going forward and will form part of the 2016 advertising plan.

Westland Horticulture, based in Northern Ireland, confirmed in July that it acquired William Sinclair Horticulture in the UK and a move which immediately took the company out of administrations.

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