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Aldi partnership with nurseries offers lifeline during Covid-19 restrictions

Irish-grown spring bedding plants supplied by Little Bridge Flowers (Spring Nurseries) on sale for €3.99/20pk across 142 Aldi stores. Photo: Aldi.

Aldi's partnership with several Irish nurseries has provided Irish consumers with access to their products while also helping the nurseries generate revenue during this unprecedented time.



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6 May 2020

Garden centres and DIY stores are set to reopen on May 18, a welcome date for the industry, albeit just under two weeks away.

Looking to support Irish growers through the closures, Aldi, in association with Bord Bia quality assured nurseries, has been selling a range of bedding and plants across its 142-store network in Ireland to consumers.

The partnership has provided Irish nurseries with the crucial opportunity to continue to trade and for the public to continue to have access to the plant market in Ireland.

Little Bridge Flowers (Spring Nurseries), a small rural family business situated in Doneraile, County Cork, is one such nursery who are supplying Irish-grown spring bedding, retailing at €3.99/20pk to Aldi stores nationwide.

“This opportunity during these unprecedented times is a lifeline for our business, helping us to remain open and operational.”, said Sean Barrett, sales manager at Little Bridge Spring Nurseries.

O’Connor’s Nurseries, located in County Wexford, is supplying red geraniums, calibrachoa, and osteospermums, retailing at €1.99 each – plants ideal for planters or beds which will add a splash of colour to consumers’ gardens – as well as calibrachoa light yellow and calibrachoa pink vein, retailing at €5.99 each.

Uniplumo, located in County Dublin, is supplying marguerite, million bells, cape daisy, and petunia peppy, retailing at €2.99 each. When planted in a bright, sunny spot these plants will thrive and will flower between early summer and early autumn and are best planted in sheltered areas.

SAP Nurseries, located in County Tipperary, is supplying moss phlox and campanula, retailing at €3.99 each. These instant summer colour perennials are a mix of low-growing early summer flowering plants that come back year after year. Perfect for front beds and rockeries. Also available are erysimum, dianthus, armeria, and salvia.

Doran’s Nurseries, located in County Kildare, is supplying azalea, retailing at €4.99 each. This low-growing evergreen Japanese shrub will reward with an abundance of bright flowers and is ideal for filling gaps in flowering beds.

The above items are currently on sale in-store across 142 Aldi stores nationwide.

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