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Bord Bia launch Brexit barometer

In 2016, Ireland exported €4.1bn worth of food, drink and horticulture products to the UK market. Photo Credit: Igor Ovsyannykov

Bord Bia has released a tool to help businesses assess the impact Brexit will have on them



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22 March 2017

In preparation for the impact of Brexit on the Irish economy, Bord Bia has released a Brexit barometer, that will assess the impact Brexit will have on horticulture businesses in Ireland exporting to the UK.

“In 2016, Ireland exported €4.1bn worth of food, drink and horticulture products to the UK market, representing 37% of our total exports, with 90% of all horticultural and cereal exports being destined for the UK.”, said Bord Bia.

The Brexit Barometer, developed in conjunction with PricewaterhouseCoopers, will provide the industry with a consistent structure with which to assess the likely impact of Brexit and provide a baseline of information to each company.

The assessment

The assessment is divided into a number of sections with the first stage being the “introductory stage” of the assessment which requires some basic information about the respondent company, such as name, sector and channels where goods are sold into.

The second part of this stage requires some more technical aspects of the company, such as revenues ranges from UK sales, the number of full-time employees, and so on.


You will receive a high level assessment of your exposure to, and readiness for, Brexit by topic. The customised assessment will be supported by information and suggested actions on each of the topics that you should be aware of and act upon as relevant.

The assessment will allow Bord Bia to identify the sectors that have a high risk of being negatively impacted by Brexit, as well identifying particular areas of concern.

“The impacts of Brexit will reach into almost every aspect of our food, drink and horticulture businesses and we are aware there is no one solution that fits all, and it is not the responsibility of any one person or department.

“To help futureproof a business, it is critical for companies to discuss exactly how each risk or challenge will impact the various divisions from finance and distribution to human resources and innovation”, said Tara McCarthy, Chief Executive of Bord Bia.

The Barometer can be logged onto here 

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