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NAD launches new IOFGA approved products

Photo credit: NAD

Six new IOFGA approved Vianno products are now available from National Agrochemical Distributors



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22 March 2017

National Agrochemical Distributors are launching the new Viano, Irish Organic Farmers and Growers Association approved, organic range of products in Ireland.

A total of six, IOFGA approved products are now available and include: organic and bio universal plant food, liquid seaweed, vinasse – a potassium rich fertiliser made from sugar beet or cane; Mixprof Bio 2 and Mixprof Bio 5.

The organic plant foods fertilise crops for up to 100 days and claim better tasting fruit and vegetables. Algopur liquid seaweed is very rich in organic ingredients and growth stimulators and does not contain any chemical substances.

Viano Vinasse is a 100% natural potassium rich fertiliser and is mainly used in fruit forming crops and crops of tuberous plants. Mixproof Bio 2, rich in potassium aims at extending the shelf life after harvesting while Mixproof Bio 5 with a high percentage of organic matter contributes to better soil structure, more active soil life, and an ideal root and crop development.



National Agrochemical Distributors Ltd.

Blakes Cross, Lusk, Co. Dublin

T. 01-8437808






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