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Faulks & Cox rebranded as Red Gorilla at Unichem trade show

Red Gorilla aims to create one brand identity for Faulks & Cox products which will communicate both strength and quality across their range.

With the Red Gorilla label, Faulks & Cox are looking to present a unified brand across their whole product range.



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16 January 2018

Faulks & Cox Ltd, the company behind brand leaders Tubtrugs, Wm.Faulks, Tyre Rubber, Gorilla Tub, and Gorilla Broom have rebranded to Red Gorilla.

Suppliers of high quality equipment including flexible tubs, brooms, shovels, and tools; Red Gorilla will give you greater opportunities for sales.

Twenty years ago a new incredibly-useful product was carried around Gardeners’ World Live at the UK’s National Exhibition Centre (NEC). A sample of the black flexible tub with a hand-cut label was dropped at the feet of Alan Titchmarsh as he had his TV make-up applied. The name on the label was Tubtrugs and the rest, as they say, is history!

“Tubtrugs have been phenomenally successful, selling into many areas of trade and ways of life” says Dean Cox, managing director at Faulks & Cox Ltd., “But after 20 years of great service, we have decided to use a brand-name more appealing to even wider areas of trade. Red Gorilla products will be equally at home on farms as they are in kitchens.”

The products are exactly the same, but with a Red Gorilla label, presenting a unified brand across the whole product range. Red Gorilla communicates strength and durability in every aspect of the business. Uniting our brands creates a more cohesive product offering, encouraging cross-selling and impulse purchases, therefore increasing profit for retailers.

The new rebranded products will be available to view at the Unichem trade show taking place on Thursday, January 18 at Midlands Park Hotel, Portlaoise.

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