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Garden Connect joins EFSA

EFSA members are leading producers and importers of lifestyle products who believe that collaboration among leaders creates new market opportunities.



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17 April 2018

Garden Connect is the newest member of the European Floral and lifestyle Suppliers Association (EFSA) – the European association of innovative suppliers to the garden industry.

“Instore builder De Haan Group contacted us to join EFSA. We have a close relation to Kees de Haan, Laurens Doesborgh and their team and they have been very enthusiastic about EFSA. That convinced us joining EFSA is a major step forward for us.” said Edwin Meijer, managing director of Garden Connect.

Meijer continued: “Many EFSA members have Dutch roots but the association is pan-European. We’re currently active in four countries and, should we wish to go to other countries, EFSA can helps us to achieve that. Apart from that, a lot of things are happening online and within the garden industry. Having partners is a necessity to be successful in the future.”

EFSA initiates various meetings about trends and retail safaris to learn how other industries are evolving in the highly competitive retail world. Apart from that, EFSA also organizes combined stands at many tradeshows: “Most of our Dutch, Belgian and English customers are visiting Spoga-Gafa and IPM. Via the EFSA we can contact our customers on those tradeshows as well. We don’t have ambitions to enroll services in Germany yet but being EFSA members can help us to reach out to customers on those shows.”

Other EFSA members include Bolsius, Capi/Cadex, Edelman and Briers which are mostly product suppliers. Despite that, Garden Connect has said it is honoured to be member of the association.

You can find more information on EFSA here and more information on Garden Connect here.

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