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Innovation in hand watering

PG Horticulture stock a number of hand watering tools for growers that are built to last, with nozzles to suit every watering situation.



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17 April 2018

From specialised nozzles like the 1000 hole Redhead and the Screen Aire, to durable, high flow valves, PG Horticulture Ltd offers a wide variety of speciality nozzles for the professional grower.

The Dramm One Touch High Flow trigger offers thumb-tip control of your water flow. Extremely easy to use, the One Touch High Flow can be adjusted from off to full flow and anywhere in between with thumb-tip precision.

Made from rubber over moulded, die-cast zinc with machined brass male threads, the One Touch High Flow is made to last.

Dramm Incl High Flow

Photo courtesy of PG Horticulture.

The 1000 hole Redhead nozzle is also available in orange and green offering narrow, wide, and wider watering patterns. Made from ABS-Plastic, these nozzles are as durable as motor cycle crash helmets – being made from the same material.

Most aluminium nozzles are made from cheap, pressed aluminium. The Dramm equivalent is made of cast aluminium – highly robust and durable.

Foggit nozzles are made from high quality solid brass, available in 2, 4, 8, and 15 litres per minute.

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