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Garden Connect whitepaper highlights call for online solutions in challenging times

Credit: Garden Connect

In the paper, retailers discuss their transition to online, and the challenges and opportunities they encountered



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17 June 2021

How have garden centre retailers managed to grow online in challenging times? In Garden Connect’s new whitepaper, eight garden retailers and suppliers share their experiences with the online garden retail industry.

In the paper, the international retailers discussed their transition to online; the challenges they encountered; the opportunities they see; their ambitions for the future and their collaboration with Garden Connect.

The retailers were given complete freedom to tell their story and highlighted both the successes and the struggles of the past year.

Participating retailers include:

  • Sander de Dijcker (Tuincentrum Osdorp, NL)
  • Jordan Hiebert (Lacoste Garden Center, CA)
  • Wim van de Noort (GroenRijk Tilburg, NL)
  • Ernst van der Linde (NedFox, NL)
  • Joris Philippo (DeVroomen, USA)
  • Luc Eeckhoudt (Tuincenter Vincent, BE)
  • Philip Gass (Creative Gardens, UK)
  • Keith Bateman (Davidson Richards, UK)

To download the whitepaper, visit:

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