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GLAS Special: POP stands: temporary or permanent?

The Retail Merchandising Showcase is your one-stop-shop for everything retail. Photo: Joe Keogh.

The Retail Merchandising Showcase at GLAS features the very latest in point-of-sale (POS) and merchandising displays as well as a free advice clinic and some of the very latest display systems available on the market for your brand or retail outlet.



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18 July 2019

by Julia O’Reilly

Display stands have been proven as a highly effective sales booster. The question facing brand managers when deciding what route to go down when designing or commissioning a display stand is this: permanent or temporary?

Temporary display

The main attraction of temporary displays is their low initial cost. Cardboard displays can be made very cheaply, especially if off-the-shelf varieties are chosen.  As the stock is depleted from the stand, the display may be discarded, meaning your initial investment is literally thrown out, maybe only weeks after it entered the shop. Because of this fact, they are more suitable for a seasonal promotion.

Permanent display

Permanent displays can be made from a variety of materials, ranging from cheap to expensive. The initial cost is definitely higher, but this is offset by the potential years of use a permanent display will endure.

Heavier items and larger quantities can be stocked on permanent displays, and due to their more finished appearance, they are more likely to be placed in a more premium location. Once the stock runs out, a shop will be more likely to reorder stock.

It is clear that the bottom-line cost can be spread over multiple restocks of the same stand in a permanent display, thus reducing its cost per unit sold.

With a temporary display, it has a limited range of materials it can be made from. With a permanent display, your imagination (or your budget) is really the limit with materials.

Permanent displays, due to their superior durability and inherent permanence, will stake their claim on the retail floor, and become a part of shoppers’ regular experience in their local shop.

Shop Equipment Limited (SEL) have a history of designing cutting-edge permanent displays for the Irish retail environment. From the budget-conscious to the deluxe ultra-premium, they have a track record of success. They deal with wood, metal, plastic, and glass, and can incorporate interactive elements such as lights, screens, and speakers.

Flat-pack display racks are their latest entry on the low-cost, high-impact shelving solutions. They are perfect for hardware store specials, extra shelving in a pantry, for impulse-driven purchases near the point of purchase, and for pop-up retailers.

Make the most of the Retail Merchandising Showcase at the Garden Landscape and Amenity Sportsturf (GLAS) trade show. Talk to SEL today at GLAS, or via phone or email: 01-403-3530,

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