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GLAS Special: The Kildare Growers on 2023

Matthew Lohan, production manager at Woodstock Trees & Shrubs tells us about the year so far



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19 July 2023

The Kildare Growers, together with Mediateam and BordBia, are delighted to welcome you to GLAS 2023.

After the success of 2022, an expanded GLAS 2023 is again taking place at the National Basketball Arena to showcase the best of horticultural produce on the island of Ireland.

This landmark event brings together the growers and suppliers from all over Ireland and beyond in a single comprehensive offering to amenity and retail garden suppliers. The success of the show over many years has helped to connect and consolidate business to business contacts within our industry and The Kildare Growers are proud to help facilitate these and future relationships for 2023.

Within this post pandemic economy, a sense of normalcy is returning to horticulture. Demand for garden products has held strong into 2023. Garden centres and multiples have continued to post strong sales figures for plants, and amenity planting, driven by a surge in demand from local authorities, has never been stronger.

Two months on from the end of the pandemic and a generation on from the end of ‘The Celtic Tiger’, it has been striking how the modern Irish grower has adapted to a changing world. Ireland has always been regarded as the ideal climate for growing plants, yet, in the past year, Irish growers have showcased plant products to rival and surpass the best that Europe has to offer.

Vibrant Industry

Professionalism, modernisation, innovation, just some of the words used to describe a young and vibrant industry. Within the halls of GLAS 2023 these industry leaders are here to listen and learn so as to continue adapting our offering to a dynamic horticultural industry.

With a ban on peat harvesting in Ireland, commodity inflation, and product shortages, growers have faced a multitude of difficulties over the past three years. For all these struggles, we have emerged, stronger and more resilient. The climate conscience of our population has never been greater. Biodiversity, pocket parks, SUDS, green corridors, pollinators, these are phrases that are ingrained into our psyche.

Every child, parent, teacher, architect, and developer knows intimately the need for planting within our gardens, streets, and parks. Our growers are rising to the challenge, producing native trees for ecology. Pollinator friendly perennials and shrubs for our bees and butterflies. Hedging for habitat restoration and elegant street trees and unique multistems and specimens for urban development and greening our towns and cities.

For over four decades The Kildare Growers – Amour Nurseries, Doran Nurseries, L&K Dunne Nurseries, Rentes Plants, Schram Plants and Woodstock Trees & Shrubs – have worked together to develop and to foster a demand for our wonderful horticultural produce. We look forward to working with the industry for many years to come to build upon the work of innovative growers and producers throughout Ireland. Thanks to all those attending and exhibiting at GLAS 2023, a showcase event for a truly green and modern industry.

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