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Huwa-San disinfectant now available from NAD

Huwa-San offers next generation ecological control and biofilm removal in irrigation and water systems.

Huwa-San — a broad spectrum, hydrogen peroxide disinfectant — is now available from NAD.



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24 January 2019

Huwa-San — the most advanced silver stabilised hydrogen peroxide on the market — is now available for commercial horticulture businesses from National Agrochemical Distributors (NAD).

Biosecurity in horticulture

Huwa-San is a broad spectrum disinfectant, effective from 0-95C. There are no harmful by-products when using Huwa-San and is pH neutral when mixed. Disinfection is targeted, controlled, and efficient; resulting in optimised root growth, oxygen absorption, and general increased crop health. Effective use of Huway-San also reduces the need for pesticides.


Huwa-San can be used to treat entire watering systems: drip line systems, irrigation systems, spray systems, silos, hydrocultures, gutters, etc. Huwa-San can also be used to disinfect materials and surfaces such as crates, carts, equipment, as well as floors, curbs, gutters, posts and walls in an empty greenhouse.


  • Sustainable and proven to be effective.
  • Chlorine-free, without any added organic compounds and acids.
  • No harmful by-products.
  • No traceable residue in the crop.
  • Active at extreme pH values and high temperatures.
  • Huwa-San has a long-lasting and controlled effect, thanks to its unique formula.
  • Odourless, colourless, non-corrosive at use-levels.
  • Registered in Ireland as a biocidal product.


  • Prevents clogging of the watering system by breaking down biofilm.
  • Removes biofilm and prevents regrowth.
  • Reduces production loss by failure.
  • Reduces the need for crop protection products.
  • Optimises water use (recirculation, flow, drainage, recovery of fertilisers).
  • Ensures optimal supply of fertilisers.
  • Creates oxygen-rich water and promotes the growth of the plant.
  • Prevents the growth of algae.
  • User-friendly, simple, and versatile application.
  • Quickly and easily measurable.

For more information on Huwa-San and for quotes, contact NAD via email: or via tel: +353-1-843-7808 or +353-1-843-7484.

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