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Johnsons Lawn Seed but not as you know it!

2016 has been a significant year for new product development for Johnsons Lawn Seed

Johnsons Lawn Seed will be at GLEE 2016 with a wide range of new products


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31 August 2016

(DLF) Johnsons Lawn Seed are getting prepared for a hugely exciting unveiling at Glee 2016. Full details are currently shrouded in secrecy but it’s safe to say that this Glee the brand will be entering a new chapter that will drive both increased consumer awareness, as well as increased sales for retailers.

The Johnsons Lawn Seed team will be making their home during the show on the newly revamped stand, located at the heart of Glee along the central boulevard. Not only will the team be taking visitors through the exciting news that will shape the company’s presence at Glee as well as its plans for 2017, but they will also be updating exhibitors on Johnsons Lawn Seed’s market-leading product portfolio.

In recent years, Johnsons Lawn Seed has been dedicated to improving the quality of its lawn seed offering, with 2016 marking a significant period of development.  This year, the company brought to market one of the most exciting lawn seed innovations for many years.  Rolled out across its General Purpose, Tuffgrass, Quick Fix and Quick Lawn products, the new formula lawn seed represented a significant evolution within lawn seed technology.

Development of the new formula was a labour of love for one DLF R&D expert. Having first started to develop a commodity driven seed some 15 years ago, it has been a case of trial and error ever since. Dedicating his own time to the project, this persistent individual worked and worked until a new generation of lawn seed was born, using a seed technology that will shape the future of all lawn seed development.

The big reveal at Glee will help shape the future and consumer understanding of these latest developments, helping to make lawn seed a much better understood product. Visitors to Glee 2016 will have to wait a little longer to find out exactly what the company has put into motion, but rest assured the wait will be worth it!

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