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Kelly’s Nursery: a one-stop-shop for garden retailers and landscapers

An aerial view of Kelly's Nurseries, situated in Mullingar, Co Westmeath. Photo: Kelly's Nurseries.

From a cash and carry pickup for garden centre retailers and landscapers, to their own brand of instant hedging; Kelly's Nurseries has established itself as an all encompassing solution for its customers' needs.



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12 February 2018

Kelly’s Nursery Ltd have been trading since 1992 and is located in the heart of the midlands. Since that time they have continued to grow from a few hundred square meters and one employee to our current size of 10 ha. and 18 full time employees.

They produce a large range of containerised plants including hedging, trees, shrubs, heathers, herbaceous, fruit trees, conifers, and alpines. Locally they also grow a range of trees and hedging plants in open ground together with supplying bare root trees and hedging.

Most plants are grown on capillary irrigation and drip feed watering systems; thereby reducing water usage. Kelly’s has an integrated pest management system primarily using organic and biological pest control. Deliveries are carried out nationwide using their own fleet and local drivers.

Due to increasing demand from landscapers and garden centres who wish to collect their own plants, Kelly’s has setup a cash and carry area. This area is stocked on a weekly basis with a selection of plants in colour and perfect condition. Kelly’s also stock tree ties, stakes, compost, fertilisers, and weed-control fabric; making them a one-stop shop for landscapers.

Kelly’s grow instant hedging under the name of ‘Readyhedge’. Supplied in two different size troughs: 20L and 110L, all are 1 metre in length and come in varying heights from 30cm up to 200cm. varieties include Copper and Green Beech, Laurel, Griselinia, Portuguese laurel, Boxwood, and Hornbeam.

Kelly’s Nursery Ltd is an approved supplier under the Forest Reproductive Material Directive for the new GLAS scheme for supplying native Irish trees and hedging, and supplying Irish Seed Provenance certs. Kelly’s also supply native Irish Apple trees.

Visit to see their extensive range of plants and visit to know more about Kelly’s instant hedging.

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