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Plant Health Awareness and Emerging Threats

By GLAS 2019 Brexit will have happened, so it is important to assess whether we are ready for it. Photo: Joe Keogh.

Bio-security, Xylella fastidiosa, and are we prepared enough for Brexit? Collis discussed all during his presentation at GLAS 2018.



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31 July 2018

Con Collis, assistant agricultural inspector with the Department of Food, Agriculture, and the Marine (DAFM) provided an all-encompassing presentation at GLAS 2018 regarding DAFM’s role in plant health, where we are at with Xylella Fastidiosa, Brexit, bio-security, and the National Development Plan (NDP) grant scheme.

In addition to raising awareness regarding current plant health issues Collis also provided the latest information on emerging plant health risks.

Within DAFM, Collis is responsible for dealing with trade in plants and plant product entering Ireland directly from outside the EU as well as export certification of plants and plant product destined for third countries.

His role also includes plant health awareness raising and involvement in developing Ireland’s New Plant Health Strategy.

To get an up-to-date and informative look into the current issues facing plant growers in Ireland then check out Collis’s presentation here.

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