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Plantmore: high-quality product suppliers to Irish horticulture industry

Plantmore Horticulture Ltd are strictly trade only suppliers. Photo: Plantmore.

Plantmore aims to deliver quality products at a competitive price to the Irish trade.



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27 February 2020

Plantmore Horticulture Ltd has established themselves as one of the leading wholesale horticulture distributors in Ireland.

Plantmore is an expanding business servicing the needs of commercial growers, landscapers, and garden centres nationwide while developing a range of products sourced from specialist manufacturers worldwide.

Plantmore offers products in the following categories:

  • Rovero Poly Greenhouses.
  • Glasshouses.
  • Ventilation systems.
  • Screening systems.
  • Air movement.
  • Heating.
  • Plastic films.
  • Pots, containers, trays, and baskets.
  • Crop protection.
  • Erfgoed floors.

For more information, see Plantmore.

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