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Pollinators Plan, a roadmap for plant sales

Looking at plants from the perspective of a scientist and that of a horticulturist has come up with some interesting results.

Cuthbert's presentation looks at the horticultural industry in the context of pollinators; addressing sustainability, helping the marketability of plants, and ticking the boxes for pollinators.



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31 July 2018

At Bloom this year the stand on pollinators was thronged with the public seeking information on pollinating friendly plants for gardens. There are market opportunities supplying plants liked by the public and pollinating insects, be it hanging baskets, wall planters, summer bedding/herbaceous schemes.

Peter Cuthbert BSc Agr (Hort) has being working in town planning, ecology, invasive species and horticulture since 1975 and partook in recent biodiversity schemes in Finglas, Kilkenny, and plant collection restoration Fernhill.

Cuthbert and his co-coordinator Dr Una Fitzpatrick of the National Biodiversity Data Centre, put together their presentation for GLAS 2018 that provided information on plants favoured by pollinators from their observations over a number of years.

There is an opportunity at wholesale and retail to increase plant sales by targeting sustainable planting.

You can check out Peter Cuthbert’s presentation here.

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