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Repel pesty birds with Ornaway Bird Gel

Ornaway comes in a 250g tube complete with 15 low profile dishes that can accommodate gutter clips, window clips and magnets, for versatile installation.

Ornaway Bird Gel is a non-toxic visual and olfactory gel that can be used on all pressure sites to deter pesty bird species.



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26 April 2017

  • Non-toxic visual & olfactory gel to deter pest bird species.
  • Effective for all pressure sites
  • Low profile solution
  • Dish accommodates gutter clips, window clips and magnets
  • 250g tubes and 15UV stabilised dishes
  • Developed & manufactured in the UK
  • Ornaway does not contain polybutene
  • Formulated with gels that meet European Pharmacopoeia standards


Ornaway Bird Gel is a novel, highly effective yet discrete bird deterrent, for use on  buildings and other structures.

The gel combines potent visual and olfactory effects, which deter pest birds from landing on the structure. The gel is non-toxic or harmful to birds, and birds do not have to contact the gel for it to be effective.

Once properly installed, the product remains effective for at least two years, even in harsh climates

Ornaway gel may be applied to almost any solid structure on which pest birds roost or nest including ledges, girders, beam parapets, flat roofs and other structures.

It may be used in exposed open-air locations such as building facades or pylons, or in partially enclosed areas such as railway stations. The product will not run so dishes may be applied to sloping surfaces.

The new product is now available from National Agrochemical Distributors Ltd

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