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Teagasc to host organic tillage webinar

Photo by Tom Fisk via Pexels

The webinar will touch on horticulture systems, organic dairy and tillage



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9 November 2023

The Teagasc Organics team is organising a series of webinars delving into organic dairy, tillage, and horticulture systems. The sessions will address various aspects, including partial farm conversion, expected yields, crop management, profitability, and the demand and market for organic crops. Participants will have the chance to ask questions during the Q&A session at the end.

When: 15 November 2023

Time: Event Time 11am

Where: Venue online

These webinars cater to both traditional tillage farmers and current organic farmers who are contemplating a shift to organic tillage. The primary goal of the webinars is to examine the potential and obstacles of cultivating organic crops in Ireland.

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