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Terrazza MC from NAD

The Terrazzo MC can be used to clean cobble lock, natural stone, wood, bricks, rubber surfaces and even synthetic pitches

NAD has introduced a new product which it has recently acquired the agency for, the Terrazza MC



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23 February 2016

This winter has been particularly warm and wet, in fact the wettest December since records began which means algae and mosses will be flourishing right now. With the gardening season around the corner here is an excellent opportunity for you to provide your customers with a complete and ecological cleaning solution.
The TerrazzaMC brush gets all surfaces remarkably clean providing neat and tidy garden care and is the signature of the modern gardener.

How does it get hard surfaces clean?

The solution (having been recently launched at the Landscape 2015 show in the UK has been very popular throughout Europe for some years) uses only a small amount of water and no detergent. It is able to clean all, yes all types of surfaces: wood, concrete, natural stone (in tile form or clinker), modern composite pavements and even artificial turf.

It can clean all of these surfaces as new, in no time at all, cleaning between joints and removing weeds with absolutely no damage to the surface or joints. It can even remove lichens. It can also remove cement residue, residue from chemical grouting and efflorescence.


  • Less frequent cleaning required due to no damage to the surface
  • No use of expensive detergents or chemicals
  • Combination of weed control and cleaning at the same time.







Anyone wishing to find out more about the product can contact NAD at or Liam 087 256 3390. for more information.

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