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The biggest Retail Merchandising Trend for 2018

Merchandising displays, a free advice clinic, and the latest display systems on the market are all available at the Retail Merchandising Showcase. Photo: Joe Keogh.

We spoke with Martin Hendricken of SEL to look at the very latest trend in retail merchandising in 2018 and how retailers and brands can maximise their sales through effective, sustainable merchandising.



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18 July 2018

One of the big trends that is happening at the moment is that businesses are becoming conscious of sustainability. At the moment the display market is broken up into two sectors: the temporary sector and the permanent sector.

The temporary sector encompasses cardboard displays where, particularly in garden centres, they are used for seasonal products — certain weed killers and holiday decorations.

These cardboard displays might last somewhere between 6-12 weeks — which is fine for a lot of times when the product is only seasonal but it lacks permanence and more often than not, these cardboard displays end up in compactors.

The Retail Merchandising showcase is your one-stop-shop for everything retail. Photo: Joe Keogh.

The Retail Merchandising showcase is your one-stop-shop for everything retail. Photo: Joe Keogh.

The businesses who use seasonal displays and swap them every quarter are now looking at something more sustainable — permanent displays.

Businesses are investing in full metal stands and instead of changing the stand every 6-12 weeks, they are changing the graphics that go on the display instead — easily done with full metal stands.

Currently the market is split 65% for temporary display stands and 35% for permanent display stands. But we are seeing the market share of permanent stands increasing all of the time. Now that the recession is over businesses are not looking for a quick fix to get their sales, they are now looking more long-term display solutions by investing in the future.

Another major trend to compliment sustainability is the “authentic look”. Choose from the most used tagsThe “farmer’s market” is coming back and is very popular in SuperValu for example, where they invest a lot of time and money in achieving this “farmer’s market” motif. So rather than the coloured plastic display, people are now looking for more authentic displays in-store to help lift their product and to reinforce the image of sustainability.

Making the most of the Retail Merchandising Showcase

Display stands in-store can help increase the sales of products by up to 40%. At SEL, really what we are trying to do is increase sales for people. Some people use display stands as as a secondary point of sale: having the product on the shelf but also displaying it in a second location. So really the purpose is to learn how to display your product in the best light.

People are always conscious of budget so they invest money on temporary displays, but investment in quality retail merchandising stands, in the long run, prove to be better for your business and contribute greater to your sales.

Garden centres are coming up to standard but there is a lot more work to be done by the sector. Garden centres are extremely successful at experiential shopping — customers can spend hours browsing per trip — but the move into more sustainable and unique displays can boost sales.

When brand managers in charge of displaying a range of gardening shovels come into us, we sit down with them and discuss their requirements. The brand manager will provide us details on how many garden centres they would like to display in and the models that they would like to display. Two full-time designers in SEL will come up with personalised visuals for them and their products, so they can get an idea of what their displays in-store might look like.

This is a service that we don’t charge for. Our aim and experience from working with businesses since 1951 is that the customer likes our design and wants to work with us.

So, if exhibitors and attendees at GLAS wish to kick-off a display service, they can come over to us – they can locate us on their show guide map – and we can discuss their retail merchandising plans.

The Retail Merchandising Showcase will also feature the very latest in Point-Of-Sale and merchandising displays from the top brands, as well as a free advice clinic, and some of the very latest display systems available on the market for your brand or retail outlet.

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