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The Greener Gardening Company unveils key sales drivers for 2021

All core raw materials in the Happy portfolio are either recycled or by-products

Company says shifting consumer mindset has created the ideal opportunity for retailers to boost sales of eco-friendly growing media in 2021



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22 October 2020

When Happy Compost – a cutting-edge new brand of top performing peat-free growing media launched at Glee 2019, no-one could have predicted how demand for compost would skyrocket in 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

According to The Greener Gardening Company, however, category growth is not being driven solely by growing numbers of consumers who engaged in gardening for the first time during lockdown, but by surging demand for peat-free growing media that’s backed by a proven track record of performance. A shifting consumer mindset, one that is increasingly geared to protecting nature and the wider environment, has created the ideal opportunity for retailers to boost sales of eco-friendly growing media in 2021.

As a result, The Greener Gardening Company is doubling the size of the Happy Compost range for the new season, expanding the initial line-up of growing media to encompass a host of top-quality soil improver and landscaping products. In line with its commitment to sustainability and harnessing the power of recycled materials, all core raw materials in the Happy portfolio are either recycled or by-products, including bark, green compost, wood fibre and coir – while the contents of every bag is guaranteed to be 100% peat-free.

“Demand for Happy Compost in its initial year has been phenomenal, exceeding our expectations at every level,” said Jason Pike, national sales manager, The Greener Gardening Company. “The range has been tailor-made to exclusively to provide garden retailers with a real point of difference and by adding bark, mulch, soil and manure products, the expansion will drive eco-friendly growing media category growth. Effective merchandising is at the heart of the Happy Compost range, from Correx boards and roadside banners to engage consumers at every point in their journey to wooden stands to display the range for maximum impact. The Greener Gardening Company is committed to helping instore teams to merchandise the portfolio at its very best and we look forward to working with stockists to grow sales over the coming season.”

The company has outlined what is joining the Happy Compost portfolio for 2021:

Enriched Top Soil

With a new ‘gardening army’ set to Dig for Victory again in 2021 – the HTA estimates that up to three million consumers may have embraced gardening for the first time this year – The Greener Gardening Company knows that garden projects will be high the consumers agenda next season. With regional lockdowns and concerns over foreign travel resulting in households spending more time at home, Enriched Top Soil will help shoppers to transform gardening ambitions into reality. It’s ideal for creating raised beds, a known driver of sales growth due to the rise in grow-your-own, as well as for lawns, landscaping and replacing old soil in garden borders.

Farmyard Manure

A shift away from synthetic fertilisers in line with the rise of organic gardening techniques makes the addition of Farmyard Manure a natural addition to the Happy range. This 100% organic soil improver holds high appeal for any gardener looking to cultivate healthier flowers and more productive fruit and vegetables by reinvigorating garden soil.

Lawn Soil

Rising consumer awareness of the environmental benefits of lawns, from their role in reducing flash flooding to enhancing biodiversity, has ensured that a lush sward remains the centrepiece of many gardens. With domestic grass subjected to heavy foot traffic during lockdown and beyond, new Happy Lawn Soil will drive sales among consumers looking to lay new lawns from turf, sow lawns from seed or repair damage to existing lawns.

Mini Chip Bark, Medium Chip Bark, Chunky Chip Bark and Composted Bark

Media coverage of concerns over chemical weedkiller ingredients such as glyphosate are accelerating demand for products that prevent weed growth naturally. Mini and Medium Chip Bark effectively suppress weeds while providing an attractive, decorative ground cover that protects roots from frost. Chunky Chip Bark is also ideal for weed suppression and moisture control while being the go-to choice for play areas as well as beds and borders. Composted Bark will appeal to consumers looking to boost soil quality, mulch plants and shrubs and keep weed growth at bay. All bark products hold high appeal to consumers looking to create enhanced surface areas for paths and recreational garden zones.

Launch products within the Happy Compost  line-up will remain at the helm of the range during 2021 including  All Purpose Compost, Vegetable Compost; Rose, Tree & Shrub Compost, Soil Improver and a Tomato Planter. During the 2020 sales season, Happy Compost All Purpose Compost rapidly established itself as the ‘hero product’ within the new range, with its 100% peat-free and vegan-friendly ingredients chiming with the growing band of organic and veganic gardeners.

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