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Tully Nurseries reap webshop rewards

Ireland's biggest plant Webshop. Photo: Niamh Tully.

Tully Nurseries' Webshop was built with the cooperation of their customers, who they see as the valuable authors of their Webshop’s success.



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25 October 2018

On April 1, Tully Nurseries publicly launched their brand new Webshop. Six months on, we caught up with them to get an insight into the online improvements they have made to further develop their business.

“Tully Nurseries’ website was built with the cooperation of our customers who we see as the valuable authors of the Webshop’s success”, said Dagmara Strachota, plant centre Account Manager at Tully Nurseries.

Strachota continued: “It was a long process but extremely enjoyable as the feedback we were getting was both very interesting but crucially helped us to design a web page full of useful information which formed a great introduction to our Webshop.

“The main highlights of our Webshop so far are plants with special features or focal points. These pages are very popular and we have noticed plenty of views on them and this is the best reward for us as it ultimately represents more sales.

“One feature our clients have loved is the quantity calculator on our main landing page. The quantity calculator was designed with our customers in mind and calculates for them how much grass, bark, or soil is needed for their job – our clients absolutely love it.

“The need to have a mobile-friendly site is more important now than ever before as people are increasingly using their mobile phone to browse and do business; this is why we are proud to say that the Tully Nurseries Webshop  boasts a mobile friendly layout which allows the clients to access our stock, 24/7, wherever they may be.

“In addition to our mobile-friendly site, our Webshop offers online account management where all the sales related documents can be viewed and payments made in a very convenient way.

“We at Tully Nurseries are always looking to improve our facilities to our customers and have announced that we are now offering a next day delivery service.

“We are working on other improvements as well which will be announced, all to the benefit of our customers, in order to make their dealings with us as seamless as possible.”

You can discover Tully Nurseries’ entire offering on their online webshop.

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