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An Taisce Green Communities Plant Swap and Open Day at Bridgefoot Street Community Garden

An effective relationship established with a community is at the heart of any business

The swap and open day will take place on Saturday June 10th from 12 to 4 pm



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7 June 2017

We here at Growtrade believe strongly in the effect community grower programmes and events can have over local horticulture businesses.

Horticulture as a market is deeply rooted in the sense of community. Nurseries, garden centres, pitch care providers, agro-chemical producers all seek – or should seek – to establish a relationship with their surrounding community.

Networking is a crucial exercise in any businesses and for many it is the key to success. By being present at grass roots community grower swaps, meetups, and markets; sharing the interests of your community can establish you as an authority to potential customers.

By being actively involved and visually noticed by a community already interested in the products and services you sell; your brand becomes associated with their hobby and you can expect to see a drive in business as a result.

There happens to be one such community grower event taking place in Dublin City this Saturday.

“The Bridgefoot Street Community Garden will be Open on Saturday the 10th of June to anyone interested in finding out more about this unique horticulture project within the City Centre.

“The Open Day coincides with the annual Dublin Food Cycle, and Bridgefoot Street Community Garden will host one of the cycling routes that will converge on Mud Island Community Garden later in the afternoon.

“We have also received a donation of Seed Potatoes and Onion Sets that are in need of a home. Anyone who has a patch of ground where they would like to grow their own potatoes and onions this year is welcome to take home a bag with them on the day.

“We are also encouraging people to bring along any surplus plants that they have and swap them for other seedlings, vegetable plugs, or transplants. Most gardens tend to have a surplus of vegetables of one type or another, and a plant swap is an ideal way to make sure they don’t go to waste while also introducing a bit more variety into the garden.”

What: An Open Day at Bridgefoot Street Community Garden.
When: Saturday 10th of June 2017, 12 pm to 4 pm (approximately).
Where: Bridgefoot Street Community Garden, Liberties, Dublin 8.

If you have any questions contact Robert Moss on 01 4002212 or email



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