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Dealing with disaster

Roy Goodwin, chairman of the Arboricultural Association of Ireland, outlines how it's members were busy at the start of 2014 dealing with storm damage


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17 September 2014

This is a big year for the Arboricultural Association, as it is marking its 50th anniversary. The Arboricultural Association is the principal professional body representing the amenity tree care industry in both the UK and Ireland. With over 2,000 members, the association sets standards for arboricultural contracting, tree surgery and consultancy, in addition to advising on national and international policy and standards in tree care, urban forestry and green infrastructure areas.

The terrible storms of December 2013 and February 2014 highlighted the need for expert tree management. Consultants were busily engaged in the inspection, assessment and reporting on trees and their management for public safety and legal matters around the country. Contractors were similarly busy undertaking the practical work; using all their skill, training and experience in pruning and felling trees that posed a danger following the storms.

The association publishes its quarterly, Arb Magazine, for members and also the Arboricultural Journal – The International Journal of Urban Forestry. For more information about the objectives and activities of the association, and about the grades and benefits of membership, please visit

The Irish branch of the association was established in 1999 and holds a number of events each year for those professionally involved and interested in improving practice in the informed assessment, conservation and management of Irelands’ landscape tree resource. The Irish branch can be contacted on 01 2742011 or by email at

This article originally appeared in print in the GLAS Showguide, published on 24 July 2014

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