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Engage expands Fortify Platform Offering

The two new formulations will be launched in Ireland at GLAS 2016

Engage Agro bolsters Fortify Range with new Zero P formulations



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20 April 2016

The Fortify Platform has been hugely successful for the Engage group of companies for many years and has evolved into leading biofortification technologies across the world. The platform focuses on utilising nutrient chemistry to reinforce cellular integrity, maximise vascular flow and aid recovery from abiotic and biotic pressures.

This year the Fortify Platform is set to expand with further technological advancements which will see Fortify’s range expanded with two new formulations which will be launched at Cereals and Fruit Focus in the UK and at GLAS 2016 in Ireland.

The new formulations focus on the development on the polymer chelation of selected micronutrients designed to maximise nutrient transport and efficiency to support stronger crop physiology. This significant development removes the requirement for phosphorus which is prominent in the company’s current range.

The two formulations which are to be named Fortify XD and Fortify XP will utilise blends of chelated copper, zinc, manganese and silicon along with specifically chosen amino acids to aid coverage, penetration and utilisation of the applied nutrient packages.

The launch comes on the back of five years of trials across the world and two years of focused trials in northern and southern Europe where the new formulations have proven themselves highly adapt at strengthening crop physiology to both abiotic stresses such as salt and water stress and reduced susceptibility to biotic stress pressures.

Mark Horner, Commercial director of Engage Agro Europe is very excited about the upcoming launches explaining “I am so pleased that growers will finally have the chance to see these two exciting new formulations in action. I have present at many of the trials across Europe and have been massively impressed with the new technologies employed in these two new foliar fertilisers and I know growers will find them powerful tools to aid them in the constant pressure their crops are under.”


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