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Etesia launch remote control brushcutter

iPad showing the application that will control the SKD ExxDrive remotely. Photo courtesy of Etesia

The SKD ExxDrive will be able to be operated remotely via an app on an iPad


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3 April 2017

Etesia has launched the new Etesia SKD ExxDrive mower, which through the use of an iPad can be controlled and turned into a full robotic brushcutter.

Developed in partnership with FeBroLift GmbH, the ExxDrive is a new type of external operating concept that allows the user to operate the device reliably, precisely, and remotely via an app on an iPad.

All functions for the brushcutter can be accessed via the tablet, including the permanent use of the “deadman button” during use, which ensure safety at all times.

In the case of an emergency, the device can be switched off via a secure emergency stop function.

The ExxDrive retains all the features of the standard SKD including the agrarian profile wheels, a low centre of gravity, an optimised weight distribution, and optional dual wheels.

What sets the ExxDrive apart from the standard model however is that the brushcutter can be operated in particularly challenging conditions on steep slopes, all while the operator maintains a safe distance, avoiding the risk of injury, and ensuring high productivity in difficult terrain.

The ExxDrive also features an 85cm cutting width, and cutting decks with steel reinforcements specifically designed to withstand different mowing conditions for a long period.

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