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ICL and Syngenta introduce Turf Rewards 2024

Earn points for every purchase of ICL and Syngenta products, redeemable for a range of rewards to enhance productivity and turf health


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26 March 2024

ICL and Syngenta have launched Turf Rewards 2024, a loyalty scheme designed to enhance turf management across the UK and Ireland. 

The programme rewards clubs and companies with points for purchasing ICL and Syngenta products, which can then be exchanged for rewards that can increase productivity and improve turf health.

‌Turf managers gain access to a variety of rewards, including advanced agronomic and turf maintenance tools, and valuable educational resources, encouraging professional growth and elevating standards in turf care.

This year, the scheme welcomes AIM, Syngenta’s new one-box fungicide programme, offering 40 points. The European Turfgrass Laboratories Organic Matter Profile Test, worth 20 points, has joined the list of rewards. 

The Turf Rewards website has been updated for 2024, making it easier for turf managers to earn points and improve efficiency.

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