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Garden Connect outlines how to find success in garden retail post-Covid-19

Download its exclusive report to grow your business and to stay successful when Covid-19 is behind us



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9 September 2021

The world has changed since the outbreak of Covid-19. Garden Connect wants to help you understand that world better with its latest State of the Industry Update.

Available to download for free, the State of the Industry Update was designed to highlight the biggest trends within the garden retail industry and the impact of Covid-19 has had on online and offline sales.

This exclusive report covers the most important trends, statistics and figures from research done across Europe and Northern America. Topics include customer behaviour and intentions; online sales in the garden retail industry; gardening trends ; and web traffic.

The company said the paper will “help you to grow your business and stay successful when Covid-19 is behind us.”

Download Garden Connect’s exclusive report at:

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