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Get gardens and allotments in shape for spring with Clear ‘N’ Collect

Clear ‘N’ Collect makes the big pre-season clear-up that much quicker and easier

Every Clear ‘N’ Collect product is made from robust recycled plastics



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11 February 2021

Stormy winter rain, wind and snow might be upon us now, but nature waits for no-one and the time for us to pull on our gardening gloves and wellies will be here in no time.

Faced with such a big job, green-minded folk everywhere are keen to start clearing away all this winter debris to make ready for spring and need all the help they can get. The new multi-purpose rake from Clear ‘N’ Collect, which makes the big pre-season clear-up that much quicker and easier, is on hand to help.

Clear ‘N’ Collect is capable of much more than the typical garden rake or simply clearing dead leaves. Moss, twigs, prunings, brambles, thorns and more are amassing in areas that will soon need to be ship shape if we’re to make the most of the growing season ahead and Clear ‘N’ Collect can shift the lot of them.

The rake is backed with high environmental standards, with every Clear ‘N’ Collect product being made from incredibly robust recycled plastics which include former car dashboards. It can, of course, be recycled at the end of its life as well.

Uses of the Clear ‘N’ Collect

Getting your lawn summer-ready – With lockdown meaning most of us have barely set foot beyond our personal space for much of the past year, our gardens have become cherished as outdoor green sanctuaries more than ever before. So just as flower and vegetable beds need clearing up early in the day to make ready for planting, as spring unfolds, we need to give our lawns some TLC, so they recover from the ravages of winter.

Key tasks we need to consider here stem from light scarification and moss overgrowth, both of which are easily dealt with using Clear ‘N’ Collect. As is well known, lawns must be raked before the first cut of the season and it is essential to remove leaves, stones and wind-blown debris that can damage the blades of lawnmowers. Just as Clear ‘N’ Collect can tackle all such debris with ease, in one big scoop, so does it offer the easiest possible solution for clearing moss and thatch which has been pulled from turf.

Safe removal of brambles and other thorny branches – The multi-purpose rake is good at clearing up those thorny and prickly trimmings which seem to stab through every kind of gardening glove and get tangled into all items of clothing, including shoes. With Clear ‘N’ Collect you can keep these aggressive prickles further than arm’s length while you’re gathering them up for safe deposit on the burn pile.

You can then keep the same principle in mind when dealing with allergy-causing plants which can irritate sensitive skin: Just scoop them up and set them aside in Clear ‘N’ Collect’s robust double-headed rake.

Hedge your bets on Clear ‘N’ Collect – Those of us with hedges will be well-aware what a big task it is to keep them in shape, never mind clearing up again afterwards. Trimming and pruning is an ongoing job which cuts across the seasons, depending on the variety of hedge and the style you want to keep it in.

Along with its other multifarious benefits, Clear ‘N’ Collect once again comes into its own as a hedge clearing helper, ideally suited to the collection of all those lighter hedge clippings, twigs and leaves which fall during pruning.

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