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Irish consumers believe locally grown vegetables are higher quality worth paying more for

Brother and Sister AJ and Brooke visited a parsnip farm in North County Dublin with Bord Bia. Pic: Marc O'Sullivan

Consumers told Bord Bia that vegetables are least likely to be cut back on due to cost-of-living pressures



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3 August 2023

Recent research by Bord Bia has revealed that 89% of consumers think vegetables are good value for money and the category least likely to have been cut back on in the grocery shop as a result of cost-of-living pressures.

The research also revealed that (90%) of consumers claim they like to support local fruit and vegetable growers, and 79% believe locally grown vegetables are of higher quality and 74% believe they are worth paying more for. The research findings are timely as Irish growers welcome the arrival of new-season potatoes and field vegetables, which are now in plentiful supply in spite of difficult planting conditions in March and April of this year.

Bord Bia is encouraging consumers to support local growers by purchasing fresh, local, in-season fruit and vegetables and to actively checking on-pack information and labels such as the Bord Bia Quality Mark to ensure it is locally grown.

Lorcan Bourke, sector manager for fresh produce and potatoes, in Bord Bia said: “Our research shows that grocery shoppers believe that fresh vegetables represent good value for money and the majority of Irish consumers like to support local growers. We would like to encourage people to take that extra step at point of purchase and check the label for source information to ensure they are buying the freshest, tastiest locally grown, in-season produce which also allows them to eat in the most healthy and sustainable way possible.

“It has certainly been a really difficult year for Irish vegetable growers who have been faced with unpredictable weather such as heavy rains earlier in the year, followed by periods of drought this past month and rising input costs. However Irish people can expect ample supply of fresh locally grown new season ‘Queens’ potatoes and field-grown vegetables on shelves from this month, as growers welcome the new season crops. It is really heartening to see such a great appetite to support local growers and our aim now is to try to convert this into action by encouraging grocery shoppers to seek local.”

Bord Bia’s Best in Season Calendar

Bord Bia’s annual Best in Season campaign aims to educate people about what is in season and the benefits of buying seasonal produce which, not only supports local growers and communities, but also guarantees the freshest, tastiest, and most nutritious ingredients.

To promote the benefits of eating locally grown, in-season fresh produce, Bord Bia has developed an interactive ‘Best in Season’ calendar along with a range of tasty recipes highlighting the versatility and flavour of seasonal fresh fruit and vegetables. To find out more about what is currently in season, along with some inspiring recipe ideas visit

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