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Irish-grown native trees to be sold across Aldi store network from June 25

The Mountain Ash tree will retail at €19.99. Photo: Aldi.

Irish-grown native trees, fruit trees, and ornamental trees ranging in price from €7.99 to €19.99 will be sold in Aldi's 142 stores from June 25.



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17 June 2020

Aldi Ireland has announced that it will be selling Irish-grown native trees across its 142-store network nationwide from Thursday, June 25.

Aldi are encouraging consumers to cultivate Irish native trees as a great way to preserve the environment and encourage biodiversity for a long time to come.

  • Irish-grown native trees, €7.99 each: Help your garden grow with one of these stunning native trees. Choose from Oak, Alder, Hazel, and Cherry. Ideal for medium to large gardens or in public spaces such as green areas or parks.
  • Irish-grown fruit trees, €14.99 each: Now is the perfect time to cultivate your own fruit tree. Grow in pots or plant in the ground. Choose from Apple, Pear, Plum, and Cherry.
  • Irish ornamental trees, €19.99 each: Looking for a great value, fuss-free tree for a small garden? Choose from Birch, Flowering Cherry, Mountain Ash, Eucalyptus, or Liquid-Amber (Sweet Gum).

Working in conjunction with forestry specialists Green Belt, Aldi planted 16,000 trees in County Limerick in 2019 and 15,000 trees in County Kerry this year. Aldi aims to plant 100,000 trees in total as part of phase one of their tree-planting project. Actioning this has:

  • Removed 5,785 tonnes of carbon from the atmosphere.
  • Created a wildlife corridor for local species.
  • Enhanced biodiversity in the area.

Aldi’s Irish-grown native trees are supplied to Aldi by nurseries all over Ireland and will be in all stores from Thursday, June 25 while stocks last.

How to prepare your soil for planting

To make sure the soil has plenty of air and moisture, loosen the soil over a wide area. Dig a planting hole that is no deeper than the roots, but much wider than the roots.

Soak bare-rooted trees or shrubs for about 30-minutes prior to planting and give trees in containers water before taking them out of their pots.

Once planted, avoid refilling with air pockets. And don’t compact the soil down too much, in case it stops water getting in.

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