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Learn about the artificial grass trade from the “Fake Grass Man’s” new book

The Big Hairy Green Book by Mark J O'Loughlin

‘The Big Hairy Green Book’ from Mark J O'Loughlin is part biography, part instruction manual


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17 November 2022

Mark J O’Loughlin of Sanctuary Synthetics has published ‘The Big Hairy Green Book’. Part biography, part instruction manual, read the story of how the author became the “Fake Grass Man” and learn secrets, pitfalls, and tricks of the trade from Ireland’s longest established synthetic lawn pioneer.

Trace the progression of artificial grass from shiny greengrocer displays to where it is today, learn who it’s for, and why people want it. Discover how to properly measure, price, and install it – to both save money and get the best results.

“In 1998 in San Francisco I discovered my love for landscaping and decided to make a career of it,” said O’Loughlin. “Next year marks a quarter of a century of involvement in the Irish horticultural world. Moreover it’s 20 years since, on a return trip to the States, that I first saw artificial grass. My own gut reaction was more fascination than horror.

“In the meantime, despite the naysayers, I’ve built up a successful business wholesaling and installing synthetic lawns. I do realise of course that the gut reaction of many others, particularly within the industry, and especially with growing awareness of global warming, may not be quite so positive. And that’s fair enough.

“In the early days of introducing the concept, the biggest challenge was awareness rather than hostility. Doing five Bloom gardens in the 2010’s was part of the education process. Researching and writing the Big Hairy Green Book was, I suppose, the next step.”

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