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Memorial garden and landscaping works contact on offer from Galway City Council

Deadline for applications is 27 November



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19 November 2020

At Growtrade, we highlight public procurement opportunities from around Ireland that would be suitable to landscapists, growers, turfgrass professionals, horticulturalists, and forestry professionals.

Here is one such tender for landscaping contractors to carry out memorial garden and landscaping works as part of extension to St Joseph’s Cemetery, Rahoon, Co. Galway.

Detailed description

Galway City Council wish to shortlist landscaping contractors which will be requested to tender for development of a memorial garden and landscaping works to permit the completion of a lawn cemetery and areas for cremated remains urns to permit future extension of Rahoon Cemetery.

The existing site is less than one hectare, located adjacent to the existing cemetery and currently being reprofiled by a civil works contractor, who is also constructing an access road and foundations works for headstones. Interaction with this contractor and sensitive management of interaction with the public, funeral attendee and the works themselves is critical to the success of this project.

Type of contract: Works

Contracting authority: Galway City Council, City Hall, College Rd, Co. Galway, Ireland Contact: Procurement Unit

Response deadline: 27/11/2020 16:00:00 (Irish time).

CPV codes

45112714-3  Landscaping work for cemeteries

45112700-2  Landscaping work

Information and documents related to this tender are available following an expression of interest. For more information and to apply for this tender, click here.

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