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Protect your sportsturf with Oil Blitz

The 10th Green of Milltown Golf Club in January 2017 after Oil Blitz treatment on an oil spill. Photo: Slick Solutions

Oil Blitz is a remediation product that completely eradicates petrol, diesel and oil spills in situ from grass and hard surfaces.


Sports & Parks

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13 December 2017

Oil Blitz, available from NAD, is a non-toxic remediation product that locks onto oils and fuels that spill onto grass. By locking onto the spillages, Oil Blitz prevents the spread of further damage. After locking onto the spills, Oil Blitz will then begin the remediation process

The advantages of using Oil Blitz

  • Naturally cleans spilled oils and fuels.
  • Easy to apply – simply spray on and leave.
  • Environmentally safe and 100% biodegradable.
  • Non toxic, non irritant, non flammable.
  • One application cleans the spill on grass, hard surfaces or water.
  • Removes oil sheen in hours.
  • Remains attached to hydrocarbon regardless rain, tides, etc.
  • Completely eliminates the need for expensive oil spill disposal and storage at long term toxic oil dumps.
  • Will not harm rubber, metal, wood or fibreglass.

But instead of continuing to read about Oil Blitz, why not watch it in action?

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