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Roundup unveils new Optima+ Concentrates

Roundup Optima+ has a new easy to read label designed for better shelf standout

Roundup has recently launched a newly formulated range of concentrated weed killers



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5 October 2015

Roundup has launched what it is describing as its best ever range of concentrates which offer users better performance and value which it says confirms its standing as number one weedkiller brand.

Roundup Optima+ is a stronger formulation with more consistently sized droplets treating 50% more weeds with the exact same packet size. The new range is said to provide better leaf coverage with reduced drift and wastage. The product aims to deliver more reliable and more effective weed control, killing right down to the roots

Gary Philpotts, Roundup’s Lawn and Garden Business Director, commented on the range saying “ The phenomenal success of Roundup Gel and Roundup Pump ‘N Go has already shown that gardeners like innovation and they are willing to pay more for it. When it comes to the concentrate market, Roundup’s share has continued to grow in recent years and there remains a sizeable core base of loyal users.”

“Roundup Optima+ offers these consumers exactly what they want, delivering better performance and better value for money. And for retailers the new range offers improved margins, boosting the profitability of concentrate displays.”

Roundup Optima+ is available in 140ml, 280ml, 540ml and 1000ml packs, all of which feature a new easy to read label design for better shelf standout.

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