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The latest sportsturf seed mixtures for 2018

All Masterline mixtures are based on the large portfolio from the DLF Group and only the very best varieties are selected for mixtures.

DLF's specialised grass-breeding programme for golf courses gives you turf for the most inviting fairways and the truest of greens. Their Masterline series of seed mixtures are available from PG Horticulture.


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19 June 2018

DLF’s Masterline range of sportsturf seed mixtures focus on fine-leaved, dense varieties with outstanding disease resistance, ware, and drought tolerance.

DLF’s 2018 range are GroMax treated. The biostimulant GroMax assists the seedlings ability to take advantage of the soils own inherent reserves of nutrient by stimulating the soils microflora, resulting in improved root growth and establishment.

GroMax is a dry formulation of natural humates and humic acids, seaweed extract, a proprietary blend of natural sugars (sucrose), vitamins (B complex & K), soluble potash and buffering agents. The product is compatible with most micronutrients, fertilisers and pesticides.

DLF’s grass mixtures are developed specifically for golf courses and have been used on St. Andrews Bay Golf Course in Scotland, The Belfry Golf Club in  Warwickshire, and the Emirates Golf Clubin Dubai.

Check out the product slideshow below for more information on these premium lawn and sportsturf seed mixtures. For prices and order information check out PG Horticulture.


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